TR Gardar Rate Today in Pakistan (June 21, 2024)

TR Gardar is a crucial steel product used extensively in Pakistan’s construction industry. Found in lintels, beams, and other structural elements, TR Gardar provides the support needed to bring buildings to life. Understanding current TR Gardar prices is essential for contractors and homeowners alike to ensure accurate budgeting and project planning.

Current TR Gardar Prices in Pakistan (Prices are subject to change)

The table below provides a sample of TR Gardar prices based on type (branded or local). It’s important to note that prices can vary depending on size (diameter or thickness), location, and retailer.

Branded TR Garder

TR ( T Iron)RS. 245 – 255
GardarRS. 255 – 265
Due to market changes, prices may vary. We reserve the right to adjust prices.

Non-Branded TR Garder

TR (T Iron)RS. 230 – 240
GardarRS. 235 – 245
Due to market changes, prices may vary. We reserve the right to adjust prices.

Market Fluctuations: Factors Affecting TR Gardar Prices

Several factors can influence TR Gardar prices in Pakistan:

  • Steel Market Trends: Global steel market trends significantly impact domestic TR Gardar prices.
  • Raw Material Availability: The cost of steel scrap and other raw materials used in TR Gardar production affects the final price.
  • Construction Sector Demand: Increased demand for TR Gardar in the construction sector can drive prices upwards.


Staying informed about current TR Gardar prices allows for better budgeting and project planning. Regularly consult reliable sources for the latest price updates. By understanding the factors influencing TR Gardar prices, you can make informed decisions for your construction needs.

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