Check Hesco Bill

Check HESCO Bill Online in 2024

It is essential to pay your electricity bills on time. If you have yet to receive your bill, don’t worry; you can now check your HESCO bill online. HESCO’s online portal facilitates online billing access for consumers. They can view and download duplicate electricity bills effortlessly with our user-friendly website. The consumer must enter the 14-digit reference number and click to retrieve their bill. It will help them stay organized and always make every payment deadline. It will also help the users streamline their bill management process and ensure timely payments with a convenient online bill viewing facility.


Are you looking to check your Hesco online bill for March 2024? The Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), which stands for Hyderabad Electricity Bill, now offers the convenience of viewing and downloading your bill online. Whether you are in Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Tando Allah Yar, Shaheed Benazirabad, or any other area in Sindh, you can quickly check your HESCO online bill by entering your name on the bill or using your digit reference number. With the Hesco web bill calculator, you can view your bill amount, print or download a duplicate HESCO bill copy, and even make a bill payment or register a complaint online. Get your HESCO online bill and manage your HESCO connection with ease.

How do you Check the HESCO bill online?

If you want to check your HESCO bill online, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Visit our HESCO Page.
  2. Look for the option to download duplicate bills or check bills.
  3. Enter your bill reference number, which can be found on your HESCO bill.
  4. Check your bill information, including any fuel price adjustment or FC surcharge.

Feel free to download and print your bill for free. If you need to inquire about a new connection or have questions about your bill, contact the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) or the Hyderabad Area Electricity Board. You can also find information about rental power companies that generate electricity in the Hyderabad, Badin, Jamshoro, Thatta, Old Nawabshah, and Laar areas. Stay informed about your electricity bill with an HESCO online bill check.

How to Download HESCO Duplicate Bill Online 2024? 

You can easily download a duplicate copy from the official website if you have misplaced it or have yet to receive your HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) bill. To get started, visit our HESCO Page and look for the option to download a duplicate bill. You must enter your 14-digit consumer number, which can be found on your previous bills or by contacting HESCO customer service. Once you have entered the consumer number, you can view and download a duplicate copy of your bill in PDF format. Save the document for future reference or print it out if needed.

Downloading your HESCO duplicate bill online is a convenient and hassle-free way to access your billing information quickly. It ensures a backup copy of the original bill is lost or delayed. Follow these simple steps to download your duplicate bill and stay on top of your electricity payments.

Hesco Electricity Bill Calculator

The Hesco Electricity Bill Calculator allows you to quickly calculate your electricity bill for free by entering your reference number on your Hesco online bill. Whether you want to know where to find your reference number or how to generate your bill, Hesco’s online bill calculator is a valuable tool. With the distribution company generating electricity from crude oil and charging a disco tariff rationalization surcharge of 43 paise per unit, staying on top of your bill payments is essential. If you have any questions or need assistance with the debt servicing of Power Holding Private Limited, please get in touch with Hesco. The electricity supply is vital in the districts of Sindh, with sub-divisions relying on Hesco for a steady power flow. 

Hesco Electricity Bill Calculator is a handy tool that allows users to estimate their electricity bill based on usage. Whether you’re a residential customer or a business owner, this tool can help you plan your budget accordingly. By entering your consumption data, such as units consumed and tariff rates, you can quickly know how much you will owe on your next bill. This can be especially useful for households tracking their energy usage and adjusting to reduce costs. 

Using the Hesco Electricity Bill Calculator is simple. Just input your information into the designated fields, and the calculator will do the rest. Whether you’re concerned about rising electricity prices or want to keep track of your spending, this tool can provide valuable insights into your energy consumption habits. 

HESCO Operational Areas

Total HESCO Regions1569

 HESCO New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

  1. To apply for a new HESCO connection or transfer of an existing connection, visit the nearest customer service center or office.
  2. Fill out the required application form for the new connection or transfer request.
  3. Submit all necessary documents, such as proof of ownership, identity, and address.
  4. Pay the required fees for the new connection or transfer process.
  5. Wait for the approval of your application by HESCO authorities.
  6. Once approved, the HESCO team will proceed with installing the new connection or transferring the existing one to your name.
  7. Ensure to follow up with HESCO for any updates on the status of your application and installation process.

Taxes in Hesco Bill:


The taxes in the Hesco bill include the Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA), which accounts for fluctuations in fuel prices. This adjustment ensures that consumers pay a fair amount based on fuel costs.

TR Surcharge:

Another tax included in the Hesco bill is the Transmission and Distribution Surcharge. This surcharge helps cover the costs of maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity to customers.

FC Surcharge:

Additionally, customers may see a Foreign Component Surcharge on their Hesco bill. This surcharge is applied to cover the cost of importing electricity from other countries to meet local demand.

Deferred Amount:

In some cases, customers may have a Deferred Amount on their bill. This amount represents payments that were postponed later, typically due to financial hardship or payment arrangements.


HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, a subsidiary of WAPDA, and is under the regulatory authority of NEPRA. Residents of Karachi can now easily download their duplicate bill for January using the HESCO online bill service. One can view and download their bill easily by entering their CNIC number and electricity consumption reference. The top left corner of the bill contains essential information, including the reference number. It is necessary to pay bills on time to avoid late payment charges and contribute towards collecting debt servicing and financing costs. Any adjustment amount due to quarterly tariff adjustment can also be viewed on the bill. Residents of the Sindh province can now avail their legal rights by accessing their bills online.