Check Pesco Bill

Check PESCO Bill Online in 2024

If you are yet to receive your PESCO bill and want to download a duplicate bill, then the PESCO online web portal is the best place to check your PESCO Bill online in 2024. You can easily download a duplicate copy of your bill with the help of the 14-digit reference number on your old PESCO bill. 

You can also pay your electricity bill through the website. The PESCO online bills are available for Pesco consumers to access and manage their electricity bills easily. Make sure to check your bill amount. You can also check any fuel price adjustments or financing costs. Download and print a copy of your PESCO bill for record-keeping or payment.

About PESCO: 

Pesco stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company, which is responsible for the electricity supply in the KPK region of Pakistan. The company faces challenges such as high financing costs and fluctuating fuel prices. It can impact the overall efficiency of the KPK power distribution system. The system serves the KPK by providing 132, 66, and 33 kV substation lines, 11 KV and 440 V low voltage substations, and lines connecting homes and businesses to electricity. Despite these challenges, Pesco works tirelessly to ensure that customers in the region have access to reliable and affordable electricity. It is striving to improve the overall infrastructure and service quality. Pesco aims to provide a stable and efficient electricity supply to all residents and businesses in KPK.

PESCO Circles

PESCO Circles are smaller groups within eight circles of the Permanent Structured Cooperation. These circles focus on specific projects or initiatives member states collaborate on to enhance their electricity capabilities.

It consists of 08 circles, including 

  1. SWABI Circle
  2. DI Khan Circle
  3. SWAT Circle
  4. Khyber Circle
  5. Bannu Circle
  6. Hazara Circle I
  7. Hazara Circle II
  8. Peshawar Circle
  9. Mardan Circle

PESCO Peak Hours

PESCO Peak Hours are when energy consumption is at its highest in the Peshawar Electric Supply Company’s network. During these peak hours, there is a significant strain on the power grid as demand for electricity peaks. This often leads to higher electricity prices and the possibility of power outages if the grid cannot handle the excessive load.

The PESCO peak hours are 

  • From April to October, 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
  • From Nov to March, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

How to Check PESCO Bill Online in 2024?

Checking your PESCO bill online in 2024 is a convenient way to stay informed about your PESCO electricity bill. You will need to our the PESCO Page. Find the bill option and then enter your bill reference number. You can also view your PESCO electricity bill online and download duplicate copies. You can easily access PESCO duplicate bills in 2024. You must enter your 14-digit reference number in the top right corner of the old bill and view your bill details. If you need to print your duplicate PESCO bill, you can easily duplicate and print it.

Taxes in Pesco Bill:

When looking at your Pesco bill, you may notice different taxes and surcharges included in the total amount due. One of these charges is the FC Surcharge, a fixed charge that is added to your monthly bill. Another common charge is the TR Surcharge, a temporary surcharge that may vary monthly. In addition to these surcharges, you may also see the FPA charge, which stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. This charge is based on the fuel cost and can fluctuate throughout the year.

FC Surcharge:

FC Surcharge is a fixed charge that is applied to every consumer’s electricity bill in addition to the regular charges. This surcharge is determined based on the consumer’s electricity consumption.

TR Surcharge:

TR Surcharge, also known as Transmission and Distribution Surcharge, is a fee included in the electricity bill to cover the costs of transmitting and distributing electricity to the consumer’s location. This surcharge is calculated based on the distance the electricity must travel to reach the consumer.


The Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an additional charge that is applied to the electricity bill to account for fluctuations in fuel prices. This adjustment is made periodically to reflect changes in fuel costs.

Deferred Amount:

The Deferred Amount is the portion of the bill that is not due immediately but can be paid over a certain period. This amount usually includes any outstanding charges or fees that should have been paid in previous billing cycles.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC:

The Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTR) or Demand Management Charge (DMC) is a charge that is applied to the electricity bill to cover the costs associated with managing the demand for electricity during peak times. This charge is designed to encourage consumers to use electricity more efficiently and reduce strain on the grid.


In conclusion, it is easy to check the PESCO online bill. You will enter your 14-digit reference number or CNIC on the PESCO or WAPDA web bill portal to view your online bill and make a PESCO bill payment from the comfort of your home. A reference number is necessary to check whether you need a copy of the bill for record-keeping or to get a duplicate PESCO bill online. All the information you need is available online. Trust the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company for your electricity needs and regularly check the PESCO online bill to stay on top of your billing and payment schedule.