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Tesco Online Bill 2024-Download Duplicate Bill

For 2024, Tesco has introduced a new and improved online billing system. Customers can now conveniently check their Tesco bills online, view their monthly bill amount, and even download a Tesco duplicate bill if needed. It is beneficial if you have not received your monthly bill receipt and want to download a duplicate one. The new system will also allow for easy Tesco online bill payment, with a 14-digit reference number provided for each transaction. This will streamline the process so that customers can pay Tesco bills quickly and efficiently. Here, we will guide you to your Tesco bills online and download duplicate bills. 


TESCO stands for Tribal Area’s Electric Supply Company. It is a major electric supply company in Pakistan. It delivers power to the residents in the Peshawar or Peshawar areas. They rely on TESCO to provide a reliable and constant electric supply. Customers can quickly pay their electricity bill online using the provided reference number and view their bill online.

Usually, the due date for the bill payment is mentioned on the bill itself. You can contact TESCO or the local Wapda office for assistance with a new connection in the tribal area. The electric supply company aims to provide efficient services to all customers in the areas it serves, ensuring access to electricity for all by 2024.

TESCO is one of the largest retail companies in the world, with a diverse range of products and services. Customers can conveniently pay their electricity bill online using the provided reference number. Serving customers in remote tribal areas in Pakistan, TESCO ensures timely delivery of electric supply through its 11 KV and 132/66 KV transmission lines. The authority of PEPCO and the Ministry of Power Division oversees operations and regulations for new connections and due dates.

How do you find the Reference Number & Customer ID?

To find your Reference Number and Customer ID, you can visit the Tesco billing website or the Tesco online portal. If you are a customer of the tribal areas electric supply company, you can also check your bill online. You can also look at your Tesco electricity bill for January 2024 for these numbers—the reference number and customer ID are usually on the bill’s left top. You can download the Tesco duplicate bill from the website if you don’t have the bill. A reference number will help you to access your bill. You can also get a duplicate bill from the distribution company.  

Areas of Operation

  1. Peshawar
  2. Kohat
  3. Bannu
  4. Lakki
  5. Dera Ismail khan
  6. Tank

How can I Pay Tesco’s Electricity Bill?

To pay your Tesco Electricity Bill 2024, You must check your Tesco online bill and get a duplicate bill. You can pay your bill online or in a bank. You need your reference number to download Tesco’s duplicate bill, which you can check on the bill website. Tesco’s electricity supply tariff and per-unit rates can be calculated using the online bill calculator. You can view your Tesco bill for free and check it anytime.

From Tesco, after downloading your duplicate bill, check the reference number in the top right corner. With the help of this number, you can pay bills through Microfinance apps. 

TESCO Bill Cost Estimator

TESCO Bill Cost Estimator is a helpful tool for individuals living in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where accurate bill estimation can sometimes be challenging. This online tool is user-friendly and only requires basic information, such as the customer’s CNIC number, to provide an estimate based on the number of units consumed. Users can input their details and receive an estimated invoice for their utility bills, helping them better plan their expenses.

With various bill payment methods available, having an estimate beforehand can be especially useful for those who rely on limited financial resources in these regions. The TESCO Bill Cost Estimator simplifies the process and ensures customers understand their pending utility expenses.

TESCO Contact Numbers & Address

You can contact Tesco in the following ways if you encounter a problem or issue. Tesco online desk will offer you complete help and support. 

Helpline TESCO

  • 091-9212006
  • 091-9212987

TESCO Website:

TESCO Headquarter

  • TESCO Headquarters, 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar

TESCO Emails:


With the online procedure in place, getting duplicate bills online or viewing your bill copy has always been challenging. You can check Tesco bills and look at Tesco electricity bills easily using the online procedure. The 14-digit reference number is all you need to access your duplicate copy of the bill. Tesco, along with Lesco, IESCO, PEPCO, other agencies, and FRS, is dedicated to providing electricity to consumers. Trust in Tesco and other electricity distribution companies like PESCO and MEPCO to provide reliable service. The Department of Energy collaborates with PEPCO and the Department of Energy to ensure consistent electricity supply.